Lainie Tayler, General Manager People & Culture, Carman’s Kitchen

“We engaged Hannah at Carman’s in April 2018 and she has been a breath of fresh air and great addition to our Wellbeing Program.

“Hannah runs a weekly class onsite for our staff which incorporates Flow and Yin Yoga. It’s a great wind-down at the end of the day and we can’t imagine how we survived before.

“Hannah’s approach and professionalism has allowed those that have never tried yoga to be converted, and at the same time her experience means she can tailor the session for any level of yoga experience. We highly recommend Hannah.”

Karen Hawke, Scientist and mother of two, South Australia

“Coaching sessions with Hannah have been extremely helpful at a time of huge change for me – becoming a new mother and trying to evaluate and strategically plan the next steps in my career and personal life.

“I responded extremely well to Hannah’s coaching style, I found her easy to talk with, and her questions and evaluations of my responses were insightful, assisting me to shape my thinking about what I want to achieve in my life and why.

“The work we did exploring all the ideas I want to follow was fantastic; we created realistic and exciting goals both professional and personal, and most importantly, timelines in which I can achieve them within a busy life as a Scientist and mother.

“Hannah is exceptionally astute; I gained a deeper insight into myself through her thoughtful feedback and these sessions positively challenged my thinking around how to align my goals with my core values, which for me, meant taking some risks and heading in new directions.”

Mel Crossley, Graphic designer and mother of two, New South Wales

“Like many others I’ve always had a goal to eat better, exercise and lose weight. Despite my enthusiasm at the start I was never able to achieve this long term. After having two kids this kept on getting pushed aside and my goal started looking unachievable.

“It wasn’t until my coaching sessions with Hannah that I was able to get some insight into what I really wanted to achieve and why. Together we made realistic plans that were sustainable. Through her insightful and uplifting sessions my goal started to become achievable and realistic. She helped me not only get on track but find the track.

“I would recommend Hannah for anyone who has a goal they want to achieve, from something that’s been put off for years or a new goal that hasn’t been making any traction.”

Gemma Cullinan, Financial services sector, Melbourne

“Coaching sessions with Hannah enabled me to think about what it was that I wanted to do with different aspects of my life. What was it that was going to see me live my best life?

“Hannah’s assessments and guidance helped me identify my core values and the kind of person I want to be known as.

“During our sessions I was able to set realistic goals and go on to achieve them. This provided me with the confidence to keep challenging myself and ultimately secure an exciting new job.”

Cordelia Alfred, Communications specialist, Melbourne

“I found my coaching sessions with Hannah an insightful and meaningful experience. Hannah put me at ease and we listed practical steps I could take to achieve the goals identified during sessions, including securing a promotion at work.

“Through my sessions, I made new discoveries about what motivated me in various areas of my life. Hannah listened in a non-judgemental manner and asked questions that helped me consider the significance of certain goals I had (or didn't have). I highly recommend engaging Hannah's services if you're looking to reassess or perhaps discover your own goals.” 

Rebecca, Lawyer, Melbourne

“It was a pleasure working with Hannah on my CV refresh. My CV has been largely left to gather dust for the past three years, since I took my current role. It certainly didn’t reflect my current experience or changes in my career path. Hannah was able to draw out these issues and synthesise the details into my CV. Hannah’s questions about my skills, passions and goals were insightful and brought to light a number of things that I never would have thought to include.

Hannah was incredibly responsive and made the whole process painless, meeting my tight time-frames with time to spare. I left my experience with Hannah feeling incredibly proud of my achievements and confident to sell myself in future.”